“Forgive and forget” has become a common parlance. It is also often said that God forgives and forgets, that He forgives and remembers our sins no more (Isaiah43:25; Hebrews 8:12 ) – wipes them off the records in His memory. It is also common for people to say, “forget it” or ”try to forget it”.… Read More CAN FORGIVE, CANNOT FORGET?


Forgive and Heal

  Wounded soul, Hurting heart; Humiliated? Exploited? Violated?   Your spirit is sour, Your perception distorted. Damaged ego? Wilting self-image? This nightmare, this heartache: Ever fade away? Ever heal?   Hopeless, for now you are A forever changed person: Memory keeps the hurt alive, Hate repeatedly rekindled, sustained. Resentment, animosity, acidity. Welcome melancholy, hello morbidity;… Read More Forgive and Heal