It is indeed a very intriguing universe!

  • The world is always inundated by challenging issues which, along with routine matters, pleasant and not-so-pleasant situations, easy and not-so-easy activities, form a complex mix of questions nudging and teasing the mind and the intellect of man.
  •  Experiences from observations, mentoring and activities, over the years, help shape values that crystallize into traditional, cultural, religious and ethical practices and belief systems. These influence our world view and how we carry out our basic duties and manage relationships.

Where is Reality?  

  • Reality seems to be shaped by relativity of individual or group perceptions that are necessarily peculiar. Education, however, has tended to globalize experiences leading to a kind of coalescence that has markedly reduced diversity. Diversity still remains to a significant extent but it is becoming ever increasingly clear that ultimate realities are in need of being unearthed. There is therefore a spirited search for missing links and diligent effort to redefine realities in new and better lights.
  • We observe commendable strides towards perfection in different areas of life as well as perversions, stumbling blocks and clogs in the wheels of efforts towards positivity, excellence and achievements in decent directions. We navigate life faced with the good, the bad, the ugly – a now cliché description that, indeed, aptly captures the universal reality.


  • Searching and discovering should necessarily aim at improving the human condition, increasing vital knowledge and promoting peace and harmony. There are, however, situations and activities that detract from these ideals and place a burden on us to work for acceptable change.
  • Necessary privileged information need to be provided to expand sound knowledge base for the benefit of all, misleading views and misconceptions should be corrected and campaigns for purifying of mindsets pursued.
  •  We traverse life passing through bountiful influences and letting them pass through us, imparting benefits and advantages on us. We reap so much by the grace of God, and therefore having so much to sow we are obliged to do just that. That is the burden placed on us: to contribute to the common wealth of requisite knowledge in the world by sharing, in love, what God has deposited in us.

  This I Feel

  • I have gone through notable encounters and some peculiar formal and informal formations and I feel that I acquired some experiences and insights that might be worth sharing. These topical issues have been discussed before, are still being discussed and will surely continue to be discussed, by many people. I know there is a plethora of writings discussing these matters. I, however, feel there are important viewpoints I would still want to project, as well as aspects of the issues I would want to present in new lights; I feel I have some important perspectives to place on the table. This may prove valuable. I desire to register my thoughts on these important conversations, hoping they would be received genially and could positively affect one or two souls.

 Something for Everyone:

It is a variety storehouse stocked with a variety of tastes in consideration. Tangible gifts are also here for take-away, to cherish, to relish, as well as the highlighted intangibles of prime import and great value. In other words, there are also valuable goods and services on offer along with the insightful perspectives and incisive conversations, essentially without borders. You are welcome to the refreshing fresh water fountain freely placed here for your needs.

I am:

Yours sincerely, the character addressed in that

Writing on the Wall by Unknown Author*  :

It`s dusk                                                                         1aaa1

The disciple erects his back

Aches and pains here and there

But what use are all these lessons?


Hear O disciple

The children wait for crumbs of bread

The sick needs healing

Poor for love and affection

Rich for sympathy and guidance.

Now go

You have reaped

You must now sow.


Celestine Chukwuma Nwezew

Enugu City

Enugu State




A native of Ogugu, Awgu Local Government Area of Enugu State Nigeria; had a special kind of formation from childhood:
Went through schools – St Patrick’s Primary School Ogbete Enugu, Awgu High School Nenwe, Enugu State, and University of Ibadan for a degree in Physiology(1978) and then in Medicine(1985), acquired higher surgical skills at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu (1987-1994), had a brief stint as Lecturer and Visiting Lecturer in the College of Medicine University of Nigeria and College of Medicine Enugu State University of Science and Technology, respectively and established The True Vine Clinic in 1994.
While in secondary school: member, Art Club, Drama Club and the Editorial Board of the school’s magazine, and won several First Class Certificates in Festivals of Art and Culture (East Central State) and was facilitator and organizer for Ogugu Students’ Union’s Students’ Week activities for many years, spilling over to university years. These activities included drama, dance, fashion shows, production of Students’ Union magazine (The Optimist), and several other events.
The university years were full of activities – in the Art Club, Debating Society, Drama Group, Press Club, Editorial Boards of Magazines and Medical Journals, Students’ Union Parliament, Federation of African Medical Students’ Associations, International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations and Catholic Students Associations. More Details
Member, Enugu Philosophers’ Forum,  Pro-Life Association of Nigeria, Action for Life and Catholic Family Ministry, Enugu; enjoys religious and philosophic discussions and was guest discussant many times on topical issues of health, religious, political, economic, social and cultural import on television (ESBS Enugu). His sharing of valued insight has been expanding and deepening.

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*Writing on the Wall by Unknown Author:
It is right there at the students’ Common Lounge of the University of Ibadan’s College of Medicine Primary Health Care Outpost, Igbo-Ora in Oyo State, Nigeria. It has been there for ages. I was there in September 1983 for our  Community Health/Primary Health Care experience – the Outside Posting activity.