Service and Sainthood

“Those who serve well… gain a worthy place for themselves and much assurance in their faith in Christ Jesus (1 Tim. 3:13)  “The occupation of being a servant” is one of the meanings of “service” and “someone devoted to a cause” is one of the meanings of “servant”. Service is not servitude or subservience or… Read More Service and Sainthood


Since I am a Virgin

There are important issues I want to address in this reflection and I believe God will help us understand the scriptures as it relates to them: Did the angel Gabriel treat Zechariah unfairly, with regard to how he treated Mary, since they both sought clarification on the message he brought to them from God?      Did… Read More Since I am a Virgin

Can Forgive, Cannot Forget?

“Forgive and forget” has become a common parlance. It is also often said that God forgives and forgets, that He forgives and remembers our sins no more (Isaiah43:25; Hebrews 8:12 ) – wipes them off the records in His memory. It is also common for people to say, “forget it” or ”try to forget it”.… Read More Can Forgive, Cannot Forget?