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Published August 2, 2018
Language: English
Pages: 112
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink: Full color
Weight: 0.61 lbs.
Dimensions (inches): 6 wide x 9 tall


  • Prologue
  • Before Destruction
  • Destruction
  • Retrieval
  • Federation of Champions
  • Center of the World
  • Government
  • Epilogue


W. Africa   bf


Retrieving our African borders is what is at issue here. This can be done by getting leaders of the component nations to understand that Biafra Kingdom is their bona fide homeland that was destroyed to create their smaller countries, effacing their common great name – – –

Biafra Federation shall consist of Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and West Biafra (Eastern Nigeria). This is a formidable union that will perfectly retrieve the glorious Biafra Kingdom in its modern format, the Biafra Federation. Biafra Empire, Biafra Kingdom and now, Biafra Federation, are one and the same in content and extent – – –

 The names, “Cameroon” and “Gabon” need not be changed. Equatorial Guinea is the very appropriate name the people gave to themselves, which replaced their colonial name. What is an important fact is that these four units existed inside Biafra Kingdom and that Biafra is their bona fide and default homeland. They only need to be part of a federated union of independent states, the united states of a Biafra Federation – – –


From the Epilogue:

Chief Frank Opigo, an Ijaw man from Yenagoa, threw in the suggestion that immediately struck the right cord. It resonated like they all started saying, “Hey, we should have known that. What were we all thinking, looking for a name for our country while the name for our country has been right here looking at us? Of course, this is Biafra homeland!”

I wish I would not be overrating myself by thinking someone in Biafra homeland who never saw himself as a Biafran is now similarly saying “Hey, I should have known that. What was I really thinking, pointing elsewhere at Biafra? Of course this is Biafra homeland! And Biafra is our great common identity”.     

BIAFRA FEDERATION (Large Print Version)



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Intricacies of the human psyche baffle greatly many times. It is difficult at such times to understand the motivating factors for certain behaviours when considered by rational minds. “Seek and ye shall find” says the scripture (cf. Matt. 7: 7), and this implies that people get what they seek. Derailments often happen to the not very circumspect seekers and the not very knowledgeable seekers.

  • “None is poor O Bhikha. Everyone’s got rubies in his bundle. But he doth not know how to untie the knots, and so he is a pauper” – Bhikha
  • Creation is naturally full of questions begging to be asked and is also naturally full of answers begging to be discovered
  • “Stop searching, little fish. There isn’t anything to look for. All you have to do is look” – Fr Anthony  DeMelo
  • A bird whose skull is not certified ‘strong’ should not dare engage in a fight with the woodpecker.

The thrust of this special discourse is on one endeavor that is necessarily undertaken by every human being – Seeking. Seeking the Deity (cf. Acts 17: 26-28) is what this is all about. Can a person seeking God find something else?

Seeking can be dicey, so too can be lack of knowledge. This guide, therefore, comes handy to make a hearty offer, vitally equipped.



  • “From One Single Principle
  • Lack of Knowledge
  • The Desire
  • The Template
  • The Pardes Experience
  • Altruism
  • The Master Appears 
  • The Heart in The Kingdom of God 
  • Suffering 
  • The Ultimate Destination






This is a special poetry collection with an unusual presentation: Straight compartmentalization into five categories. It is hoped that this categorization will help readers enjoy the book much more.

A poem should possess a discernible usefulness: informing, instructing, entertaining, admonishing, approving, praising and inspiring, among other useful features.

Many poems are like abstract painting in regard and usefulness. In the following pieces will be seen paintings in true colour and perceptible imageries of various appeals, in accordance with my feelings in diverse issues, which I hope will offer you valuable gifts. Salvatore Quasimodo says that “Poetry is the revelation of a feeling that the poet believes to be interior and personal which the reader recognizes as his own.” The hope is that so will these presentations also be.



1.Unreal Realities——————8

  • Celestial Strings 9      
  • Desiccation in Purgation 10
  • Down the Abyss 11
  • That Lingering Doubt 12
  • Eva! 14

2. On Love and Relationships–16

  • Kristie at Newton17
  • Should Have Been Calista 18
  • Dora Fever 20
  • That Feel 21
  • Hurricane 21
  • Essential Essence 23
  • Allure 24
  • Lost in the Loft 25    
  • GUEST PIECE: Sunset to Sunrise 26

3. Tributes————————–28

  • A Story of a Life 29
  • A Sage of Our Age 30
  • A Great New Year Surprise 31
  • 49 Moorehouse Street 32
  • Ronke Odutee 33
  • Plume Aloft 35
  • The Glorious Chat 36
  • Cynosure 38
  • Ochilu-Ozuo39
  • Felicitations from Ugwuoma 39
  • Divine Property 40

4.Under the African Sky——–42

  • Beauty Pageant 43
  • Happy Cross-Over 44
  • Chiesonu 45
  • Moremi 46
  • Divine Emissaries 47
  • Ekube 49
  • Entrancing 49
  • Ifa 51
  • Okuke 52
  • Olurombi 54
  • Ovuegbe Appears 55
  • Enyi Biafra 57
  • GUEST PIECE: Vendetta 58

5.This, This, and That———–59

  • The Cling 60  
  • Counting Up, Counting Down 62
  • Forgive and Heal 63
  • Happy Christmas 66
  • The Smile 68
  • Class? 70
  • Precious Assurance 71
  • Cabal! 72
  • Laughable Paradox 73






Man living in history (time and space) is not equipped to fully understand the nature of God who lives in eternity. Eternity is all-pervading, it seems, history still being part of it, and so God’s nature is appreciable in our realm to an unimaginable extent.

If you decide to be a disciple of Jesus Christ prepare yourself for a great ordeal. Does it mean that you will be free of difficulties if you are not his disciple? Certainly, the terrain of discipleship is very rugged. But – – –

Is it not difficult to understand why this divergent conversation in the US should exist at all? Pro-life or Pro-choice, what is sin is sin, what is bad is wrong. “Sin” separates the two Parties in a “Country Under God”.

“Forgive and forget” has become a common parlance. Can Forgive, Cannot Forget? The nature and direction of a contextual exactness here is largely not grasped

And much more


  • Discipleship and Salvation: Sniffing the Terrain 
  •  The Concept of God
  •  Can Forgive, Cannot Forget? 
  •  Hypochondriasis: Stealing Life from Youth
  •  US Democrats and Republicans: The Difference is Sin
  • Since I am a Virgin
  •  Values and Medical Practice
  •  This Kingdom of God: Reflections on Mark 1: 15
  •  Service and Sainthood
  •  Resurrection: A Blessed Assurance 






Scientists have been working very hard to find the edge of the universe and determine the size of the universe. Will they ever succeed?

Many of the people beating their chests now and boldly proclaiming or insinuating they are sure of going to Heaven may not be found there. This is because things are not always the way they seem. Three surprises await you in heaven – if you get there.

Someone said: “However, I think to say there is no middle ground is incorrect. Even when I firmly denounce an action such as murder, I recognize that in addition to possibly supporting the action someone could hold a more moderate position and neither firmly support nor firmly denounce an action”. Right to Life is on trial.

Know also that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are many and it is necessary you try and discover the gifts you already have and utilize them for the benefit of the Church and the society. To be discouraged is this present obsession for tongues, and the corrupting of tonguing

And much more



  • World Without End 
  •  Reincarnation: Spirit of the Belief in Our Clime
  • The State of Purgatory
  •  Perfection
  •  Questions on Abortion and Right to Life
  •  Mary in the Ministry
  • Tonguing
  •  Abiding 
  •  The Nativity of the Christ
  •  What Only God Can Do 





BIAFRA: Our Default Homeland is a book expected to be vitally beneficial to all Nigerians from the North, the West and the East as well as many other non-Nigerians. It is, however, designed for persons who are comfortable with raw truth

There is no homeland that centrally belongs to all the nationalities in the Eastern Region except Biafra. Biafra is one of the three homelands that can be traced to history as comprising the exact area now known as Nigeria. The other two are Zanfara and Benin. This can be seen in maps available in as early as 1584.

Historical Geography starting from the 16th century to the present is presented and analyzed to show that Biafra is our bona fide identity and that we are Biafrans by default and should be so known and referred even as we remain part of Nigeria as a federation.



  • The Bona Fide Homeland
  • Historical Geography
  • The Present
  • Identification with Heritage
  • The Nigerian Identity
  • Biafra and Politics
  • The Future


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