BIAFRA: Our Default Homeland.

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BIAFRA: Our Default Homeland is a book expected to be vitally beneficial to all Nigerians from the North, the West and the East as well as many other non-Nigerians. It is, however, designed for persons who are comfortable with raw truth

There is no homeland that centrally belongs to all the nationalities in the Eastern Region except Biafra. Biafra is one of the three homelands that can be traced to history as comprising the exact area now known as Nigeria. This can be seen in maps available in as early as 1584. Historical Geography starting from the 16th century to the present is presented and analyzed to show that Biafra is our bona fide identity and that we are Biafrans by default and should be so known and referred even as we remain part of Nigeria as a  federation.

Plus: a very simple answer to the very complex question that is the very difficult situation in Nigeria, through a comprehensive analysis.

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