COMMENTARY ON: Hausa are the most marginalized Nigerians

Read: Hausa are the most marginalized Nigerians

By Farouk Martins Aresa



That is just it Farouk. You have said it all. I wonder what it would have been like if the three primary Kingdoms that made up the present area that is Nigeria – Zanfara, Benin and Biafra – were allowed to continue their developments without destructive interruption. But the Hausa kingdom of Zamfara, having first been conquered by the Gobir Kingdom in 1736,was re-conquered in 1804 by Fulani, and systemically destroyed by the Fulani, in the manner ISIS tried to systemically destroy progressive Muslim countries and subjected them to their retrogressive bizarre systems and forms of what they still call Islam.

Biafra and Benin Kingdoms continued to develop and were only affected by colonization and Western values mostly by voluntary imbibitions and much less by force.

The positive values of these southern kingdoms are still maintained by the descendants of Benin Kingdom (later Oduduwa) in Western Nigeria (including Mid-West) and the Republic of Benin, and the descendants of Biafra kingdom in Eastern Nigeria, Cameroun etc.

Unfortunately, one of the positive values, which is Western education, was rejected by the destroyers of Zanfara in the spirit of Boko Haram now going out of hand, only for their elites to adopt same for their children, mostly sending them overseas to acquire education and use this as a tool to further their drastic hegemony and maintain it in the whole of Nigeria, marginalizing all others, and strongly resisting Restructuring which removes unitary power that favours hegemony.

1707 Map of West Africa: note the Zanfara, Benin and Biafra Kingdoms (Source: University of Minnesota Library)
8. Biafra (From 1805 map)
1805 Map of West Africa: no more Zanfara Kingdom (Source: Princeton University Library)

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