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I watched the Anambra State Governorship Debate live on Channels Television. All performed above average. The three persons that made my immediate shortlist are Obaze, Obiano and Chidoka. Some important sentiments brought it down to Obiano and Chidoka. I do not mind any of the two winning.

The most interesting part of it was the handling of the question on IPOB. Their answers showed that those of them who did not like IPOB understood the sensitivity of the issue and the danger of admitting their dislike for IPOB. They, therefore spoke well of IPOB. How  well really?

Nwoye spoke first and Chidoka spoke last. I wandered if Nwoye understood the height of insult  he heaped on IPOB by sympathizing with them as hungry and jobless youths and  promising to provide them jobs. As they towed almost the same line one after the other, with only Obiano mentioning Restructuring as part of the issue, I started becoming appalled about their lack of knowledge on IPOB.

Somehow, I nursed this hope, borne out of some previous observations, that Chidoka was going to say the right things. He did.

I had marveled, as they spoke, how they did not know that most of the IPOB members are enterprising youths and adults – artisans and merchants of various grades and professionals of all types. I imagined they did not know that IPOB has very many members all over the world,in Nigeria and oversea, and they cannot be tagged hungry job seekers.

Osita Chidoka is very calm, collected, intelligent and knowledgeable.  He got it all right in the night.


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