It is very striking how Donald Trump has become the US president most hated  in US and who has very huge support in the US.This seeming irony is true to life in these days of depravity: the war is getting tougher between light and darkness, the voice of Darkness is an extremely loud noise but Darkness cannot overcome Light which has the characteristic of being “a small still voice”. A good insight can be obtained from analyzing this illustrative article in AMERICAN NEWS:

SHOCKING: Smut Peddler Porn Magnate Offers $10 Million For Dirt On “Illegitimate” Trump

This is a typical loud noise yelling at Trump. The nature of this loud noise is not in doubt, just like the nature of many of the other loud noises is not in doubt. The reason for their restlessness can be inferred from that of this index case – a porn magnate lives in sin and lives from sin and Trump is not about to change the definition of sin (as The Democrats are wont to do) to accommodate such characters’ interests.To make matters worse for them Donald Trump is not a personality that can be made in any way to compromise in such principles. Frustration is therefore very high in the kingdom of liberal perverts. Credence is being laid, by the nature of these loud noises, on our  earlier position which we analyzed as The Trump Phenomenon:

“It is a pity attacks on Trump by the Democratic Party sore losers in collusion with the Fake news media houses continue unabated and done with great energy and in many guises. There is therefore something very important they are fighting now with such vigor. A look at the characters that are revolting and what Trump and his presidency stand for will reveal what is considered very instructive: the people revolting and attacking the personality and the government of Donald Trump are mainly composed of perverts such as gays, lesbians, abortionists, feminists, sexually undisciplined people, irreligious people, notorious Planned Parenthood Federation and other similar characters, and the Democratic party whose party ideology supports these and their activities. Essentially, the Democratic Party supports and promotes sin and this has been x-rayed in our earlier post “US Democrats and Republicans: The Difference is Sin””.

This is precisely what is happening now. Seeking impeachment for the most frivolous of concoctions while their promiscuous Bill Clinton was graciously forgiven by the opposition Republican party after disgracing America with his horrible sexual behaviour, and that unprecedented act of an American president being caught lying under oath in an American court. His impeachment following the Monica Lewinski case had already passed in in the House of Representatives and only needed a two-third majority in the Republican-dominated Senate; they only needed two or three  conscientious democrats to make the number but they rather found enough forgiving Republicans to save him in the interest of the nation.

Refusing to stand for the Anthem, the disrespect for the American flag, the refusal of invitation to the White House and the like, the myriads of unwarranted disrespectful acts and words, etc. What kind of characters are doing all these?


What is happening now is really strange and has not happened before, although the Democrats have more often shown themselves to be sore losers. What is happening  is as strange as the election itself – the emergence of Trump. Anyone who has keenly and dispassionately followed the unfolding realities right from the Primary elections will easily agree with Judge Jeanine that it was a revolution that rather took place. She said:

“In spite of it all, we all—even though we felt forgotten, alone and beaten down—we all came home because this wasn’t an election, it was a revolution,” We came home to where our forefathers in their genius had always planned, back to America…Back to who we are…Back to the constitution.”

The forces of  darkness were already close to celebrating a good grip on America’s life, her values as wished by her founding fathers –  a Nation Under God. Then, enter the intimidating Trump; and they are running helter-skelter making their great efforts which have amounted to and will likely continue be like pouring water on a rock.


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