A Case of “Who wants to drink from a poisoned cup?”

Are you really surprised about the panic observed in South-East, South-South, South West as seen in recent press reports? The reports include this one:

UPDATE: Panic in Rivers, Ondo as parents withdraw kids from schools over fresh army vaccination

In the report, a member of Governor Nyesom Wike’s cabinet of Rivers state, Oraye Franklin seems to have captured the prevailing sentiments accurately. His reaction paints the picture as it really is and it is desired that government and the army should do a correct reading of what their image has become. Oraye Franklin wrote as follows:

”The military should please forget its charity/ humanitarian work in Southern Nigeria. From reports, they are clearly not welcome. If they wish to win the confidence and support of the publics, they must begin by changing the character of their narrative.”

army vaccination

How can an Army that has clearly shown itself as terrorist, with terrible records of very appalling human rights abuse hope to get anybody believe it is capable of being charitable? It does not add up at all.

Is it this kind of army you want people trust as humanitarian and charitable? It is very clear that it is the smelly bad image they accumulated for themselves that they had the intension to launder and decided to follow up Python Dance II with Crocodile smile II in South-South and South-West at once, necessarily including this poor show of Charitable/Humanitarian Corporate Responsibility.  But the image of the army seems to be already irredeemably damaged.

army vaccination 2
Your Humanitarian/Charitable Corporate Responsibility is hardly needed here


army vaccination 3
Take your Humanitarian/Charitable Corporate Responsibility to North East
army vaccination5
They need it at the IDP camps



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