IPOB has been proscribed and branded a terrorist Organization albeit in a most unintelligent way. That is done, anyway, but what many do not know is that no organization has been proscribed or thus branded because IPOB is not an organization at least in a Nigerian context: no legal entity in law is known and referred to as IPOB, “because such entity did not exist in law”, says Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa in a reaction to the proscription, on 21 September 2017, in This-Day. He said: “The Attorney-General of the Federation cannot competently sue IPOB as a defendant in any court of law, the same being an entity unknown to law. The court cannot make an order against a non-existing entity such as IPOB. Such order, if and when made, is at large and unenforceable.”

The fact is that I am, have always been and will continue to be a Biafran like every other indigene of South-East and all indigenes of South-South of Nigeria because that is an identity that we naturally have even while being Nigerians as a member of a federating unit in the contraption of 1914.

We were Biafrans before 1914 and can not stop being so because Biafra is that homeland that has its shores at the Bite of Biafra. Yes I am an indigene of Biafra although I have never been a member of IPOB as we know it and, in fact, no one is a member of IPOB as a corporate organization as it is not a corporate organization in Nigeria.

We have always been indigenes of Biafra and that is probably why Ojukwu chose that name for our country that broke away from Nigeria in 1967 and re-integrated in 1970 after the civil war. The tragedy is that the secession, resulting in the bloody civil war, has given the name a  bad sound in the ears of other Nigerians. But that is not enough reason for us to stop answering our real name – Biafrans.

A close analogy is the Oduduwa kingdom of the South West. They have Omo Oduduwa (Oodua) as their identity but they are part of the same Nigeria along with us and the other indigenous entities in the Far North, Middle Belt and elsewhere.

In actual fact, IPOB is not synonymous with Biafra but IPOB has been effective in drawing attention to the hunger of Nigerians for justice, freedom and emancipation from a suffocation, a strangulation, in a contraption that would have been most beneficial to all if its governance was followed as genuinely conceived, but has for long been in a precarious derailment, bringing unnecessary misery.

IPOB can best be described as a mass movement or consciousness effectively ignited  by Nnamdi Kanu for very good reasons but with some unacceptable methods which many of us Biafrans have pointed out severally, and several times. This, though unacceptable, branding of IPOB as a terrorist organization, is necessarily effectively directed at those methods and any not very nice rhetoric.

The grounds against IPOB are in the the areas of Bad Rhetoric, Country Name, Country Flag, Country Currency. In this vein there are a number of others that should very necessarily be on the Roll Call:


Adeyinka Grandson

  • “We will poison Hausas and Igbos. There will be organized violence”




Yoruba Liberation Command(YOLICOM)

  • Restructuring is too Late




Country Flag: and National Anthem


Oduduwa Currency



Arewa Republic 1


Arewa Republic Flag

Arewa Republic Currency

Image result for arewa republic money

Image result for arewa republic money

Image result for arewa republic money


The Middle-Belt Republic

The Republic’s Currency – Story

The Middle-Belt Currency







The real issue we have to seriously give consideration is not that a people (Biafra or Oduduwa or Arewa) belong to any of those homelands and declare their being indigenes of  such homelands but that such a people should be encouraged to remain part of the union that is Nigeria by maintaining equity, justice and fidelity to the principles that guide true federalism. If it is not possible then the parts should not be held to ransom but should be let go. I am a Biafran, wishing that Biafra remains part of a restructured, just and equitable Nigeria open to continuous constructive negotiations of the union (not the union that is SETTLED at gun point). I would only wish that Biafra leaves Nigeria (still maintaining good relationship with all other parts) if this condition is not possible.

Even Nnamdi Kanu was already settling to the view I have just expressed but the Nigerian Army destroyed the beautiful, fruitful engagement going on between him on the one hand and South East Governors Forum and prominent Igbo leaders on the other. An important meeting was to hold between them just a few days before the so-called Prelude to Operation Python Dance by those terrorists in Nigerian Army uniform scuttled everything (the real Nigerian Army is respectable and disciplined).

Kanu has the support of most of us, if not all of us, except that we would have wished he did not let the pent-up anger for past heinous injustices against us make him talk tactlessly and sarcastically sometimes, become overzealous sometimes and sometimes forget the plurality of religion in Biafraland, which is the situation even in the main Jewish homeland of Israel. As a Catholic I take exception to being insensitive to people’s feelings about their various religions. We would have loved to see him consult widely and win the confidence of all in every part of Biafaland, not only Igbos, (whose leaders he also ignored and often snubbed) so that knowledgeable Biafrans could, in a complementary way, help him better articulate and package his powerful project in a definable direction and a predictable good end. Regrettably, it seemed like a sole Kanu affair and it ought not be so.  After all some very respectable Biafrans were already working on it before he jumped in. The last I heard about their effort (I hope it is still going on) was just before a court hearing scheduled for 16 September 2015, to secure referendum for actualization of Biafra.

Nnamdi Kanu was already beginning to be more conciliatory and showing genuine forgiveness to other tribes for their past roles in making Biafrans suffer so much. We were already thinking of drawing the attention of IPOB to their despicable, progressively developing Kanu-worship mentality which is not a Biafran mentality, definitely not an Igbo mentality. Operation Python Dance, and the unintelligent and disgraceful legal maneuvers, which are globally discredited actions that brought shame to Nigeria, spoiled everything,


























































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