I thought I was seeing and listening to a tout in the park.

So reckless, so callous, strangely naive:

  • Was he governor (for 8 years) and the chief security officer of a state, and does not know whose role it is to keep the peace in the absence of a violent insurrection? And that even in the face of an insurrection the Army does not come in unless the Police is overwhelmed and needs more help? Etc?
  • Was he sane enough to have implied that if anyone sewed an “army uniform” the army had to be called in to kill him?
  • Does he not have any iota of empathy for fellow Abians whose unarmed children were tortured and murdered in cold blood? Is he really from Abia, and was he really their governor?
  • Is he really a Nigerian and does not know IPOB has a principle of  non-violence, and that they never bore arms or killed anyone?
  • Does it seem to be right what people say, that his only concern was to maintain good standing with the Federal Government (which is why he joined APC after the berating by APC), in view of

I have noticed that people did not take his comments very seriously because of the kind of regard for him that is pervading.



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