We now know who owns the country!

 The Story: Crackdown may begin as Defence Hq classifies IPOB as terrorist group
The Defence Headquarters on Friday listed reasons Nigerians should now see the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as a “militant terrorist organisation’’ and no more as a non-violent organisation.
The implication of the latest classification is that the military is likely to crackdown on any person or group associated with IPOB, as treat them as enemy combatants out to destabilize the nation.
FR: This action is illegal as it is not the role of  Army Headquarters to make this kind of determination and proclamation in a democratic civilian government. This is done by civil authorities that have the ability to do proper investigation.
In the terrorism Act 10 of 2011 passed by the Nigerian national assembly, only a high court judge on the advice of the national security adviser, the inspector general of police or the attorney-general of the federation can declare an organization a terrorist group. Such declaration has to be published in a Gazette.
It was not really necessary for such proper investigation to be done, and it was, obviously, not done.The Head of State had already declared that the unity of the country was settled and not negotiable.  His kinsmen had determined in his absence medical vacationing in London, that the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, was very popular and very likely to achieve self-determination thereby defeating his aim to stand against the success of this group with all his power.
The idea to declare IPOB a terrorist group seemed to Arewa youths the effective way to check IPOB. This desire of the Arewa Youths they made clear on 13 July 2017 in this story:
BIAFRA: In fresh move, Arewa youths ‎call on UN to designate IPOB a terror group.
The scheming to cause the labeling, the conversion and this declaration has been obvious from the start, starting from the declaration of another Python Dance with a different strategy now unfolding. The scheming culminated in provocations at the Python Dance prelude by heading to Nnamdi Kanu’s residence, hoping something would happen to give them the excuse to do something –  what they have just done even when they could not find significant grounds.
Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB members, who have been agitating for the self-determination for the people of South East and some parts of Nigeria, have continuous maintained that the group is a non-violent organisation.
On why the group should be seen as a terrorist organisation he said, “After due professional analysis and recent developments, it has become expedient to notify the general public that the claim by IPOB actors that the organisation is non-violent is not true.
FR: The truth of  IPOB’s position is not in doubt to anyone in the world:
Many Nigerians agree that Army HQ has pitched South against North with this declaration
The rest of the story is a very laughable obvious concoction of the Nigerian Army. It is obvious to any reasonable person: 
“Hence, the need to bring to public awareness the true and current state of IPOB. In this regard, some of their actions, clandestinely and actively, that have been terrorising the general public include: The formation of a Biafra Secret Service, claimed formation of Biafra National Guard, unauthorised blocking of public access roads and extortion of money from innocent civilians at illegal road blocks.
“Militant possession and use of weapons (stones, molotov cocktails, machetes and broken bottles, among others) on a military patrol on Sept. 10, 2017. Physical confrontation of troops by Nnamdi Kanu and other IPOB actors at a checkpoint on Sept. 11, 2017 and also attempt to snatch their rifles.
“Attack by IPOB members on a military checkpoint on Sept. 12, 2017, at Isialangwa, where one IPOB actor attempted to snatch a female soldier’s rifle.
“From the foregoing, the Armed Forces of Nigeria wish to confirm to the general public that IPOB from all intent, plan and purpose as analysed, is a militant terrorist organisation.”
IPOB Freely Demonstrating in a Civilized Country in Reaction TO the Latest Developments in South-East Nigeria
FR: To be fair on the army, it is the nature of the army to obey orders  strictly  and so they were doing their duty as directed by their melancholic commander-in-chief whose bitterness of heart and scorching hatred for the south-easterners is well-known by all in Nigeria. It is obvious to Nigerians that Buhari chose to use the army to do this job because they are trained to deal ruthlessly and decisively  with enemies using maximum force, and so could easily terrorize the people to quick submission and to a petrified state in which they would not dare continue their self-determination pursuit, out of the extreme fear.
It seems the scheme was easily crafted due to the necessary structure already established by President Buhari on becoming president –  he audaciously filled strategic positions in the Army, Air-force and Navy, and in the relevant governmental establishments by his kinsmen who share the same born-to-rule philosophy and hate disposition which they inherited from their father and idol Ahmadu Bello, whose killing in the 1966 military coup prosecuted by young army officers necessarily predominantly of south-eastern origin they cannot forget and may never forgive; and for which they have been exerting “revenge” on the Igbos of South-East Nigeria over and over again in murders, massacres, the pogrom(1966) and  the civil war (1967-1970). They do not want to listen to the valid argument that the coup was a nationalistic action aimed at saving Nigerians from from the looming tragedy about to befall them through the evil activities and plans of leaders, who were collaborating with very senior army personnel.
This deployment has a similar colouration with those of last year (2016) when many IPOB members were murdered in cold blood and Nigerian government was heavily indicted by Amnesty International.


The human rights abuses, the wickedness, the brutality and government’s impunity are characteristic.





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