Another interesting article from northern elders and youths on Restructuring has surfaced online. It is titled:

North cautions Yoruba, Southerners on clamour for 1963 Constitution

Here is an analysis on that article and on the confusing northern stand on restructuring by Fountain of Reason (FR):

Northern elders and youths have cautioned the Yoruba, their South East and South South neighbours over their clamour for the country’s restructuring, as well as return to the 1963 constitution.

FR: “Restructuring” to a true Federalism is the issue at stake and not necessarily “return to the 1963 constitution”. The key proposition is the abandonment of the fake 1999 constitution and getting a brand new constitution that is written by the people through thorough negotiation.

Return to 1963 constitution is the better alternative we could immediately use because it is a sovereign document that operates a true federalism and therefore thoroughly acceptable.

The two groups, which vehemently opposed the recent resolution of the Yoruba at a summit tagged, “Restructuring: The Yoruba Agenda 2017,” alleged that sustained agitation for restructuring would, in the final analysis, not augur well for the growth and development of the nation.

FR: The substance of northern opposition to restructuring remains unclear. They continue rambling, rolling and circuiting rather ineffectually.

Do they prefer the present situation where states are not producing but going to the Federal Government, cap in hand, for handouts that are not usually well managed for development because they did not work for it and knowing that the source is always available, and see no need to struggle?

Will this arrangement ever bring any satisfactory development? What is the “final analysis” in which restructuring will not urgur well?  

Secretary General, Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) Anthony Sani, told The Guardian, yesterday that calls for restructuring by the coalition of Yoruba groups and those from South East and South South, as well as the return to 1960 and 1963 constitution were “puzzling.”

FR: It is the opposition of the north to restructuring that is puzzling. If it has any basis, no one has been able to understand it. The only statement they make repeatedly is that “restructuring is understood by different people in different ways”. They say nothing else.

This is why people think that they are opposed to restructuring because of the “resource control” component of it as they fear that the oil money will no more be shared as usual and that they have nothing to boast of, and that the resources they have had the privilege to control over the years in other parts of the country will be necessarily taken away from them.

What happened to the argument once posited by Umaru Dikko, rightly, that a litre of groundnut oil cost much than a litre of petroleum, obviously alluding to the existence of groundnut pyramids in the north in the past, a past that was run as true federalism, with the 1960/1963 constitution?

People also believe that the opposition seen to be from the north is actually from a few powerful northern elites who fear that the resources they acquired and the strategic positions they got into in business and government establishments though the fact of northern dominance in governance are in jeopardy with restructuring.

Are these fears really founded? Should this be enough reason to toy with the destiny, the future, the health of the country Nigeria? Let these northern elites see what is as clear as day – that it is too late to get away from restructuring unless we want to risk disintegration .











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