Forgive and Heal


Wounded soul, Hurting heart;

Humiliated? Exploited? Violated?  

Your spirit is sour,

Your perception distorted.

Damaged ego? Wilting self-image?

This nightmare, this heartache:

Ever fade away? Ever heal?


Hopeless, for now you are

A forever changed person:

Memory keeps the hurt alive,

Hate repeatedly rekindled, sustained.

Resentment, animosity, acidity.

Welcome melancholy, hello morbidity;

                                                  Perhaps here forever,                                                     

As long as memory endures.


How sorry and ironical, how devious:

The oppressor performs this hurtful act:

Just another game.

In his perversion, he has sown a seed,

Of lasting pain;

Indifferent to the resulting anguish,            

Unaffected by his own handiwork,

He happily moves on,

To another game, another victim.


How sorry and ironical, how devious:

The oppressed sustains the ire,

Repetitively reliving the trauma;

Reverberating is that bilious belch

Thanks to memory and lasting umbrage.

The oppressed nurtures the pain;

Continuously hurting, and oppressed

Rather with own weapons.


Listen to wise counsel

For it comes from On High,

Higher than any ordinary can figure.

Drop those devastating weapons,

For self-destruction you configure!

Rise up and conquer,

Save yourself from yourself;

Release yourself from your prison.


Listen to wise counsel

                                   For it comes from On High,                                   

You shall continue to be wounded

And continue to be humiliated,

Regarding deeds of satan’s agent, 

Unless you fight The Vile Villain

                 Not this pathetic agent – a mere tool.    


Seize the right weapon  

Fight the right fight.

For victory, liberation, restoration,

Trusted, tested, confirmed as a never-fail;

This transcendental weapon:


The only instrument.


For you are the benefits of forgiveness.

To you it is aimed, not to him,

Not for the oppressor are the gains

Bitterness and resentment

Are in your heart and not in his,

For you hold him responsible,

The source of your pain.

Let him off, no pain – no source.


They know not what they do,

Like Jesus we have to say;

Not toddlers that bath the belly,

And this we really know.

Yet how very true and accurate,

How appropriate, the saying is,

For we talk of the perverted spirit,

That downgraded humanity,

To level below the beasts reduced.


He is already marked for slaughter,

Racing top-speed to hell fire.

Almost at the edge of the precipice

En-route a horrific agonizing end.

Eternal state of excruciating sorrow.

Pray God for a vision, a dream, an insight,

About hell and satan

Your worst enemy you will never wish it,

For any reason at all.


Hold him not responsible,

This pitiable toy of the evil-one,

Help save the poor soul

From impending eternal doom.

Destruction, in vengeance,

Your heart does now desire, 

But useless to you, or to anyone,

This negativity would be;

Useful to many this soul would be

If saved and converted.


A timely snatch from the lethal claws

Of the one perverted and perverting,

With the instrumentality of your prayers

Offered in true concern;

An act that is The Litmus Test 

Level of forgiveness to show;

Should hearten your heart, ease your soul,

And bring you peace.

Praying for him gladdens the heart of God,

Shows forgiveness is total.


Forgiveness is not easy

But God enables, if requested.

Enablement is that easy  

When asked of God: pray for it.

Memory of the incident shall bring,

Not bitterness, not resentment,

But heart-felt happiness for the ability,

Such grievous hurt to forgive.

Then, Peace of Soul, perhaps a conversion; 

A soul saved from hell!


Healing is complete as forgiveness is total;

Freshness in and out,

A new life, new joy, new blessings.

Forgiveness’ therefore for your own health,

Of the body, and of the spirit.

To get the healing from this trauma,

Only total forgiveness:

Unsolicited especially, and solicited too.


Testimonies abound,

People of similar hurt, through such trauma

Once upon a time, and another time,

And many other times,

Hearts saved from lifelong despondency,

Skepticism and cynicism,

And the health consequences so terrible,


They performed just one simple act:

They agreed to forgive.


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