Arewa North’s Confusing Signals: What Omen?

The Report: “OCT 1: ACF insists on quit notice to Igbos, as another group plans one-million-man match”


Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) said, on Thursday in Kano, that the so-called quit notice it issued for Igbos to leave northern Nigeria, by October 1st, has not been rescinded as has been speculated; Arewa Summit Development Initiative (ASDI) has, on another hand, announced on Thursday, in Kano, “its plan to stage a one-million-man march in Kano by the same October 1st to draw awareness to the multifaceted problems facing the region”.

What is it that can be surmised from this development? Is it a bad augury, implying the beating of drums of war, such as alluded to by the Acting President? Prof Osinbajo had said this while delivering a speech at the Institute for Security Studies seminar themed, ‘Unity in Diversity’, On August 2, 2017. He was of the view that “in the light of divisive and hateful separatist agitations in the country, the bulk of those heating up the polity did not experience Nigeria’s civil war firsthand, and thus could not fully appreciate the magnitude of the danger inherent their agitations”. Similar statements from many people, such as the one from Bode George on June 23, express the same fear of a senseless drag of Nigeria into a worthless war. It could well be that the development as we are seeing it means a kind of ray of hope that Arewa North is beginning to seriously think positively and direct attention rather to the development of the North and laying blames in the correct places.

Concern would, however, need to be expressed on some coincidences: the announcements were made the same day in the same location and their announced actions are scheduled for the same day – October 1st. ACF has been told to do nothing on that day and so all eyes, security-wise, will be on them. Those eyes may not see any action from ACF. ASDI has planned, and may get approval, for an action (a march) of an undetermined nature which will involve 1 million Arewa youths necessarily including the volatile, the unruly, the hate-soaked, the ignorant. Could it not be possible that while the security eyes will be concluding that ACF is up to nothing bad they may not necessarily conclude that the ACF may have provided itself a second and more acceptable name to perform the ignoble and wicked activity? I hope I am conjecturing wrongly and that all will be well.

Unfortunately, it seems I may not be totally wrong as, already, “Fear of genocide looms as unknown group aims for Igbos in hate song”. “Rwanda” is at our doorsteps! This action-initiation pattern is unmistakable and I am a living witness to how it has happened here in Nigeria. Could it be that ACF is starting to initiate action anonymously but with the firm and unshaken resolve they have been showing since the issuing of the quit notice?

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It is very obvious they are working very hard to justify an action they want to carry out and the act must be an unpalatable one that it is making them frantically search for justifications and also given the kinds of justifications they are clutching, as seen in the statements of their leader Yerima Shettima:

  • He said that they have written to UN about “Kanu’s atrocities”. What are the atrocities for being the leader of a very peaceful, totally non-violent IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra)?
  • “- – – one cannot be living with us and talking Biafra” he also said. What it means is that citizens of a country cannot live in another country. What makes it illegal, or unacceptable otherwise, for citizens of the country Biafra to live in another country Nigeria? These citizens of Biafra are already living in countries all over the world and none is complaining in any of the countries of the world, including Nigeria. Why is it that it is only Shettima and his group that have issues against Biafrans?





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