Precious Assurance

Happy is the heart, great is the soul

which unreservedly appreciates

the nature of God’s loving ways,

albeit frequently awfully strange,

             often that face of hurtful paradox,

and always respond with gratitude,

and be ready to tarry in fortitude.

That’s true faith.


Audacious cling to Divine trust in lieu

of protestations in excusable whines

in apt reaction to scourging quandaries;

indomitable spirit, sublime principles

and deep resilient values of this kind:

they score high in the domain of the Divine,

they are powerful offspring of simple faith.

That’s true faith.


The harmattan undresses  vast forests.

The harmattan reveals the evergreens,

as the fire does expose the true gold

beautiful and precious, thus greatly pricy;

so merits the results of the tenacious trust

in the heart immersed in exacting trials

but keeps on in strange cheerful thanks.

That’s true faith.


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