Listen to MASSOB, Learn from History

This is not “hate speech”, this is VOICE OF REASON

Refer to the following news report:

#QUITNOTICE: Exodus imminent as MASSOB takes census, tells Ndigbo to return home

This call by Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB  should be given very serious consideration in spite of the assurances following the quit notice given Ndigbo by a coalition of Arewa youths, not because it is from the MASSOB but because it is pertinent and timely. Various reactions have followed the quit notice. While Ohaneze Youth Council would want them to stay on in the North, as a matter of right, the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB and the Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra MASSOB adviced all Igbos to heed and come home to Biafra.  These two positions have been analyzed by Fountainhead Repository in the post IPOB Vs Ohaneze Ndigbo Youths and we left the choice in the hands of the Igbos resident in the north after placing the analytic options on the table. Many reactions have trailed the quit notice, most of them condemnatory, and an order for the arrest of those involved was given.

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There are already danger signs already, signaling imminent repeat of history:

  1. The most important danger sign is that the Arewa Youths involved have not been arrested. They are not even in hiding but are rather openly and boldly making more outrageous proclamations, in open Press conferences, culminating in the most recent call from them for UN to designate IPOB a terror group. In this situation it is clear the safety of Igbos in the North is not guaranteed just like a governmental order of arrest cannot be effective in this case. Northerners are above the law and can do whatever they wish.
  1. Such assurances in Nigeria are dangerous as they do not work and provide a dangerous false sense of security. Consider how many times assurances have been given concerning deadly menace of Fulani herdsmen but they keep on killing innocent unarmed people. Arrests are not being made. Assurances have been given many times in Southern Kaduna but we have seen that worse killings followed such assurances. The most recent killings followed a “successful” peace meeting two days earlier.
  2. Similar assurances were given after the initial killing of Igbos in the North and it was expected that remnants would be safely brought home. Ojukwu fulfilled his own end of the bargain and safely transported all Northerners home. I observed, in Enugu, how the Eastern law enforcement agents succeeded in preventing the invasion of “Ogbe-Awusa” by justifiably-angry Igbo youths, and successfully evacuated them and their properties safely. I was surprised, even as a child, how they were able to do this given the intense pain and anger following the pogrom. On the other hand, many Igbos were still killed in the North even on their way home. We experienced this first hand. There were also international reports, one of which is the report of a Canadian journalist Alan Grossman in his testimony to the External Affairs Committee of the Canadian House of Commons on what he saw:

“Similarly, Heinrich Jiggs, a Swiss businessman in Nigeria who later became the chief Red Cross delegate in Biafra, reports seeing one of the circular letters in Northern Nigeria which stated that every Igbo down to the age of six would be killed. A Canadian Journalist, Alan Grossman, who had been West African Bureau Chief of Time Life News Service in Lagos from May 1966 to June 1968, testified before the External Affairs Committee of the Canadian House of Commons on what he saw. He told the committee “many thousands of Igbos were slaughtered in towns and villages across the north, and hundreds of thousands of others were blinded, crippled or maimed or in majority of cases, simply left destitute as they attempted to flee to the Igbo homeland in Eastern Nigeria. Some of the fleeing refugees did not make it home. On one train that arrived in the East, there was the corpse of a male passenger whose head had been chopped off somewhere along the line. Another group of Igbo refugees men, women and children whom I happened to see-I would say 100 or more of them-were waiting in the railway station in the city of Kano, the largest city in Northern Nigeria, for about three days, with no security guards, for the arrival of a refugee train, and a land rover full of government soldiers came and mowed them down with automatic weapons. Igbo shops and Igbo hotels were ransacked and looted, while blocks of non-Igbo businesses were carefully left untouched”. (see minutes of Canadian House of Commons proceeding, external Affairs Ref. 7 pp. 239-40).”

  1. The present Nigeria Police Force is not capable of protecting anybody in such northern killings. Cast your mind back from recent past through to distant past: cult killings, kidnappers that even give prior notice, herdsmen war, election violence, other killings including even armed robbery attacks. In the best of circumstances they could have some reactive (and not proactive) successes. You will be already gone. Whosoever has a head let him reason.

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