THE TRUMP PHENONENON: Demonic Democratic Demonstrated

They were in denial. “It’s not possible, it couldn’t have been possible. How could Donald Trump win the presidency of the United States of America”. Many were in shock – in actuality. I wondered why people were this surprised. Why not? Was the warning not quite clear when Donald Trump progressively powered through, faulting all predictions and defying all odds naturally on his way or orchestrated, and still strongly landed at this final point? The point is that what played out in the last US Presidential elections is unprecedented in many ways especially in the observed phenomenon that has an exclusive claim to a Trump signature. Observing it all, it was very striking to me and my feeling is that this phenomenon seems to be Divine.

The ingredients of this marvel seem to have been captured in this chat I had with my dear friend and classmate, Ebere, in Linkedin, around the time of the election. He is a heart physician living in Lima, Ohio. His name is also Maxwell. He had just discovered I was in Linkedin:

Oct. 26 2016

EBERE at 5:48 PM: CC, nice to see you on LinkedIn. Hope you have been doing great.

Oct. 28 2016

CELESTINE NWEZE at 12:08 AM: Yes Max. Thank God. Hoping you’re still doing very well. And enjoying the battle for the pricy, magical Ohio that shares victory with every winner of the election.

EBERE at3:28 AM: Yes, CC. We are hoping to make history for Hillary as we did twice for Obama. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Ohio will be important for her to win. She’s compensating from other states.

Oct. 31 2016

CELESTINE NWEZE at 10:43 PM: Sorry-o, Trump resonates much better, for me.

EBERE at 10:59 PM: Well, if you live here you would not make that choice.

 Nov. 3 2016

CELESTINE NWEZE at 8:14 PM: My kid brother living in Michigan has similar sentiments for the Democratic Party but he could not convince me not to prefer the highly principled Republican Party. What I am sure of is that Donald Trump is a better human being than Hillary Clinton in spite of his inadequacies. Well, let’s continue to watch the interesting drama.

EBERE at 10:02 PM: As a well-bred Igbo son, you may agree there is nothing “principled” about a man who abuses women; a man who does not pay his employees; and (this is not Nigeria) a man who, instead of discussing his agenda/plans for the future, resorts to abusing opponents. That is third world campaign style. People are used to a standard and expect better. As a black man, you cannot endorse someone who is in lockstep with white supremacists. Again, you express your support, or preference, because you don’t live here. But that’s OK. I’m glad you hear same from your brother. This is not about party. In 2008, I was rooting for one of the most principled persons in American politics, John McCain, until he chose his VP. But look at what a fine job Obama has done. Trump is not a human being.

Nov. 7 2016

EBERE at 5:03 PM: !

CELESTINE NWEZE at 7:26 PM: I never dreamt Trump was not going to be the last person in the Republican primaries. I don’t know why I became apprehensive when he started progressing, and you can imagine my shock when he won the primaries. I never liked Trump that much and I was even surprised to see he was a Republican. I wondered what that kind of character was doing in a Republican party. I was also surprised Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primaries – over Bernie Sanders and those other big Democrats. That’s how Obama surprised everyone. You may be right: McCain’s choice of Palin was, probably, a mistake. In spite of that, I wanted him to win although I desired US would get a black president with such an audacity. To even wish McCain could win in spite of my other wish shows how much I admired John McCain. Back to the present, I did not like the two candidates but I started warming up to Trump perhaps because he started being truly Republican – saying what he means and meaning what he says, even at the risk of being misconstrued out of sentiments and emotions, or easily twisted deliberately. You will understand me more if you see these 2 recent blog posts of mine:

US Democrats and Republicans: The Difference is Sin

US Elections: Shame on “Most Holy” Republicans

Nov. 9 2016

CELESTINE NWEZE at 11:49 AM: Hello Ebere. You must have said “Congratulations” to me in your heart, especially if you read the blog posts, especially the second. ‘Joke was expressing sort of shock at Trump’s win in her Facebook page and this was my comment: “Lucky America. Few likes of Trump exist. The more you look the more you see. He’ll teach you Americans the wisdom in looking again rather than dismissing at first sight. You’re unto a Reality Show.”

Here is my Facebook conversation with Joke the same day, starting from the above comment of mine to her reaction to Trump’s victory and her response to my comment:

JOKE: I do a disclaimer. I be typical Naija woman. Which one is my own. The reason I’m concerned is because as we say in our neck of the wood “when something happens to the eyes, it ultimately affects the nose”. Thank God I have the alternative way out if I can say that, but what of my many friends and brethren who have no other place to go?

CELESTINE NWEZE: Of course you’re Naija all over. We shall see sooner or later when our eyes shall be opened to see the real Trump and not the one who has been clearly, wrongly labeled by devious opposing politicians that deliberately wrongly translate his words, aided by a conniving press. I saw a lot of things keenly watching dispassionately, which people who are emotionally involved either way did not see. I had misgivings about Trump at the beginning.

JOKE: Hopefully God will open the eyes of our understanding because I never saw that he was painted as he didn’t paint himself. But I’m open minded and since he’s been elected by the people and God there may be more to Donald Trump than meets the eye. A tool to be used by God for the good of His people.

Young David joins the conversation:

Nov. 10 2016

DAVID: Mummy God is changing his mind. Trump will be a good man at the end

Nov. 11 2016

CELESTINE NWEZE: “The zeal of the Lord of Hosts shall perform it” (Isaiah 9: 7b)

It is already clear from these conversations what it is about Donald Trump and what certain people are reacting to in him. The first time I got to know about Trump it was through his TV Reality Show “The Apprentice” with its “You’re fired” trademark. Something about the air he seemed to exude, his general carriage, his bluntness, and the way he made the pronouncement “You’re fired” left an impression on me that he was a pompous super-rich. Isn’t it ironical that most of these features of him are what I now cherish? He is assertive and his bluntness and lack of much diplomacy and rhetoric leave no one in doubt on his real intentions. He is far from being a flip-flop character. He is always saying what he means and meaning what he says.

Ebere’s appraisal of him in our Linkedin conversation shows exactly the picture made of him by the Democratic Party strategists, which they powerfully imprinted in their follower’s minds:

“A man who abuses women” came from that lewd locker-room talk of more than10 years ago, which the Democratic Party unearthed and used against him in the Presidential Debate, and further criminally arranged some questionable women with the conniving press, to claim they were abused by Trump. That was the beginning of “fake news” which Trump has constantly been pointing out.

“A man who does not pay his employees” is information according to Hillary Clinton at the Presidential Debate, which Trump denied and considered laughable.

“A man who, instead of discussing his agenda/plans for the future, resorts to abusing opponents” refers to the fact that Trump said during the campaign that Hillary Clinton had criminal records and needed to be jailed. This was not an abuse but a statement of fact which was also made by many other people. Trump is generally less suave than other contestants and brought another angle to the competition which is saying it the way it is about himself and his opponents.

“Someone who is in lockstep with white supremacists” is the deliberate fake branding from the press that was determined to frustrate his presidential ambition which they started by truthfully analyzing that his “make America great again/ America first” mantra resonated very well with working-class white Americans who have a deep-seated feeling that America’s supremacy was badly waning and that America was becoming more vulnerable to attacks, which were carried out by people whom Trump campaigned that their influx into America would be strictly controlled. Suddenly “working-class white” wishing that America be great again became “white supremacists”. Of course the bad activities of the real white supremacists are well known.

It is a pity attacks on Trump by the Democratic Party sore losers in collusion with the Fake news media houses continue unabated and done with great energy and in many guises. There is therefore something very important they are fighting now with such vigor. A look at the characters that are revolting and what Trump and his presidency stand for will reveal what is considered very instructive: the people revolting and attacking the personality and the government of Donald Trump are mainly composed of perverts such as gays, lesbians, abortionists, feminists, sexually undisciplined people, irreligious people, notorious Planned Parenthood Federation and other similar characters, and the Democratic party whose party ideology supports these and their activities. Essentially, the Democratic Party supports and promotes sin and this has been x-rayed in our earlier post “US Democrats and Republicans: The Difference is Sin

The Face of the US Democratic Party

The Trump phenomenon – the wonderful way he emerged, the intriguing way he went through the journey and the spectacular way he won, which suggested clearly there was a strong Divine force propelling him, put together with his strong and uncompromising  principles that portray a direct repudiation  of the sinful values of the aforementioned people – sent a very unsettling signal to them. He had to be fought with all the arsenals they could muster. The fights seem to be senseless sometimes, however. For instance, the fake news media houses are currently obsessed with harmless meeting of Trump Jr with a Russian official last year and ignore Hillary Clinton’s Russia Uranium Scandal. Planned Parenthood which is a well-known evil organization has dubbed the Trump administration as the worst in its life.  It can thus easily be seen how reaction to The Trump Phenomenon has exposed the demonic nature of the Democratic Party and their supporters – agents of darkness reacting to dazzling light. Are there any significant reasons why such violent demonstrations followed a freely and fairly won election in a country like USA, especially as there were no immediate allegations of impropriety concerning the elections even from the demonstrators themselves? Demons were on rampage and are still howling at the glowing light from Trump and restlessly plotting to forestall the important work God wants to do in America through Donald Trump.

Consider the efforts of their beloved son Obama during the transition period to harm the American economy with that unprecedented large number of last minute regulations.

They also ignore the significant achievements of Trump in only very few months:

  1. Soaring stock market a powerful symbol of the Trump era

2. Trump’s first economic report card

  1. Six charts that show the US economy is ticking along just fine under Donald Trump

If Trump is the anointed one for a special job in America, then, remember this: ise oluwa ko le baje – a Nigerian voice reverberating all over the world saying “nothing at all can thwart the work of God”.


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