I have read the article titled “Sorry Chief Nnia Nwodo, Nnamdi Kanu Is The Supreme Leader Of Ndigbo” written by Churchill Obinna Okonkwo and I almost thought Igbos have started being interested in such stuff like monarchy to the extent of competing on who becomes “supreme leader”. No, it is not in the character of Ndigbo. Every Igbo man plays his role well and excels in his own aspect.


It seems that Churchill Obinna Okonkwo did not really listen to or read the things said or written by Chief John Nnia Nwodo, Prof Soludo and other Igbo leaders mentioned. They never subscribed to Nnamdi Kanu’s drastic postures and they always made this clear while still correctly insisting that injustice was being meted out to him, IPOB and Ndigbo at large. The records are still very readily available.

They spoke with facts and their actions were pertinent and timely at the time. I also believe that the way Nnamdi Kanu was treated by Buhari’s Federal Government was unacceptable to most Nigerians, especially when they continued to hold him in spite of court orders to grant him bail and court orders to even release him unconditionally. Charges against him were thrown out by a Nigerian court and ECOWAS Court ruled in his favour, yet they continued to hold him. Do you think they could do that to anyone from the North? Other ethnic nationalities would react similarly given that kind of scenario. Have you heard about BBC Hausa Service and the kind of things sometimes said there? Has any Arewa youth been detained as ordered following the recent reckless quit notice issue? Does that say anything? Definitely, there was a clear trample on the Igbo nation and a fragrant insult on the patience of our leaders by the posture of Buhari’s government, for which those elders spoke the minds of most Igbos. I salute their wise patience and their precise and timely action.


The only perceived response from the government to the court orders was to send carefully selected extremely wicked soldiers, having nothing but bitterness and hatred for Igbos in their hearts, to go and cold-bloodedly murder unarmed Igbo youths gathered in prayer overnight in a school at Nkpor, as they were just about to rise from their sleep, and Igbo unarmed youths gathered in a fellowship at Aba. Nwodo also talked about bodies of murdered Igbo youths floating in that river between Enugu State and Anambra State. He also talked about lopsided appointments and other obvious irregularities playing against Nigerian Igbos. He said that irrespective of however IPOB members were perceived, they were his children. That was a wise and humane statement.

Femi Fani-Kayode, Ayo Fayose and other sympathizers spoke the truth, as always, and never condoned any excesses of anybody. Of course, the excesses are almost insignificant in the face of the enormous weight of injustice heaped on Ndigbo and the unwarranted decimation of Ndigbo observed through time and especially the hate-soaked, tragic, senseless actions of killing peaceful unarmed IPOB and MASSOB members. These noble Nigerians spoke to condemn callous injustice. Are you justifying those things they condemned?  Amnesty International also condemned.  But you would rather they, the Ohaneze elders, pandered to the sensitivities of other ethnic entities. What a very strange position to canvass!

Why deride them now? Is it wrong for Ohaneze’s Nwodo to speak in a fatherly redirection of an out-of-line Kanu just because he had earlier spoken against the injustice, in his favour earlier? What a inane reaction.

It is insulting to suggest that such very distinguished Igbo leaders were looking for popularity through Kanu. It is an insult to these icons some of who were already popular before Nnamdi Kanu was born. Insinuating that these outstanding Igbo sons were shopping for popularity smacks of abysmal witlessness and unpardonable ignorance.  Chuma  Soludo,  Pat Utomi, Dozie Ikedife, Nnia Nwodo: do you know these men? Surely you do not know them or you would not so deride them in this childish article of yours, talking of boosting their popularity by aligning with Nnamdi Kanu of yesterday. It is also clear from your article that you did not follow the activities of these men as it concerned IPOB, Kanu and Ndigbo.


Chief Nwodo wondered then, you said, and we still wonder now, why calling for Biafra should attract a detention. Yes, calling for Biafra is just, legitimate and noble. The caution is to go about it with wisdom and maturity. Our elders are also making the same call, although they are using a different modality. We know that a move for actualization of Biafra has been on for quite some time and sponsored by our eminent elders. The last time I followed the case a court hearing was scheduled for 16 September 2016.

The problem we have in Igbo land is that renegades and stupidly disrespectful characters are in a higher proportion here than in other cultures. This is worrisome and is the reason I am bothering to comment on this kind of article. Other ethnic entities respect and honour their elders and leaders, talk about them with respect and not with such mockery as seen in this article



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