Peace of Soul!
As we re-enact the nativity
Of the Prince of Peace.
Permanent and immanent,
For He is Immanuel!
So we re-enact, not commemorate,
And we, with our joyful hearts, celebrate
The ever-pervading, the ever-present.
The peace of The Great “I am”1
“Which passeth  all understanding.”2
Born today, in Bethlehem and everywhere,
Yet Jesus has been with us
And he always is with us.
Mysteries so very deep we today celebrate:
Conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit
For the virgin was, indeed, still the virgin,
Is the great one born today, in a mystery,
Wrought by the power of the Holy Spirit:
Still a virgin and is, in reality, ever-virgin,
While a Nativity we today celebrate3.
We celebrate the Vessel of Honour
With which God brought us this great joy
We celebrate The Immaculate Conception
With which God prepared the body for Jesus4
Body of Christ, body from Mary, made sinless;
Blood of Jesus, blood from Mary, thus immaculate
We celebrate her triune glory today completed5:
The immaculate daughter of God the Father,
The chaste spouse of God the Holy Spirit,
Today, the worthy mother of God the Son,
Jesus the Christ.
Mysteries unfold the more:
A glorified body emerges at birth
A glorified body emerges after death:
Subtlety at work, here at the Nativity
Subtlety at work there, at Resurrection
Barriers unaffected, barriers unaffecting6
Passing like nothing, and as through nothing
As in Nazareth, through that vicious crowd.7
Clarity! Emanations from a Glorified Body
At His birth, Transfiguration, Resurrection:
Shepherds marvel and testify in Bethlehem8
Apostles see, elect to remain at lonely Tabor9
Women behold the resplendence of the risen.10
Evinced in His star is the revelation of Agility
Locating same time in all locations in the world
A great portent in the sky: strangely so glorious
Announcing, ay the most exalted event in history,
Great wisdom from the oriental sages: they probe.
Through some Divinely-contrived goggles,
Behold dazed, amazed and quietly ecstatic,
A most sublime magnificence here unveiled
In a very lowly stable, and a simple manger,
The loftiest throne for a most glorious king
In Bethlehem, yes in all parts of the earth
Today we re-enact, our hearts full of joy!
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