We have had a very unique type of campaign for the White House this year. Unique in many respects has the campaign been, especially in the spate of attacks on personality, personally and by the media. Many agree that these are not the most popular in their respective parties but they have nonetheless, powered into this final battle leaving all with no other choice than choose one of them, like them or not. What stands out is the success of Donald Trump who, although a well-known figure due to his popular Reality show and for being an outstanding businessman, was not given a chance by every pundit of every sort, having not been as well-known in politics as the other Republican heavyweights that filed out at the primaries. He surprisingly prevailed against all of them. Clearly, people did not fancy his mettle in politics because people rather had their focus on those big things he did and missed his politics-related activities, especially his public statements over the last 30 years concerning American politics and governance, including Foreign Affairs. People were not ready for his surprises, it seems.
It seems the bigger Republicans have difficulty coming to terms with the Trump Republican candidature and one wonders if there are other unrevealed reasons for this. This is because while some people suggest that they do not regard him as a mainstream Republican he has been every inch Republican, in his campaigns and during the debates, especially on important issues that make one’s views and principles Republican. These “inner feelings” of the big Republicans seem to have become obvious sometime after the first debate when someone leaked a video from Access Hollywood where he made some lewd remarks about women over ten years ago. He quickly apologized for that, explaining that that was a kind of locker-room talk of ten years ago which he regretted, and which did not reflect his real kind of person. How quickly the big Republicans rushed to condemn Trump and withdraw their support for him, as if they were really waiting for a kind of singular opportunity like that and quickly took it. These Republican reactions seem to have propelled Democrats into a frenzy of trying to seize the momentum and nail a coffin they imagined had been well laid for Trump. Those questionable ladies’ “revelations” followed. Statements about Trump being someone that mistreats women became Clinton’s anthem – everyday, everywhere. They have even overstretched their act and overreached themselves by releasing what they called “ALL LEAKED TRUMP FOOTAGE Lewd comments Made on Daughter Ivanka Mini Documentary”. The video clearly portrays their desperation to find something, anyhow, to pin on Donald Trump to process him into a finished product that is really a true personality that is consonant with the one in that Access Hollywood lewd-comment-video. They failed, in my opinion and judging from some of the honest viewers’ serious comments.
Serious comments that followed the video (not the frivolous ones) show what the video really is. Here are some of them:
  • ·         Kompa: so what is so wrong in this video here I didn’t get it?
  • ·         Woody Grill: This is weak tea. If that’s the worst you can dredge up on a man who’s spent the last fifty years courting the media’s attention, then he can’t be all that bad.
  • ·         Don Romero: This vid is funny. Now granted some of the comments Trump made about Ivanka are questionable. But it seems more to me that “Socialperspective” dis-likes Trump & thats ok. But please only show facts not what u all personally think is “strange”——
  • ·         Arjun Sharma: Very narrow minded view to sabotage someone’s character . I guess you don’t understand a father & a daughter relation . Stop demonising people by making such a horribly edited pieces of trash . Most of the people do not even understand American Politic
  • ·         Dale Holmgren: What’s so weird about this photo? I have held my niece like this, and no way is that sexual, that is family hugging family. Why don’t you show me photos of men kissing each other in the Middle East next, and try to stir something up.
  • ·         OldFury: this video says more about the one who made it than it does about Trump… pervert
  • ·         Bullet Hell: This video makes me like him even more ! thanks!
  • ·         Capeau How is this “leaked” ?? It’s broadcasted television footage. 😐 And seriously what’s wrong with him saying his daughter is beautiful… Does he have to say she’s ugly? This video is just ridiculous.
  • ·         Christina Bernat +Vani Gobal I discussed the hunting because it is in the video. I discussed all in the video or much of it because it is ALL slanted to insult Trump. Slantomentary. His sons love to prey on animals and he loves to prey on his daughter – that is the awful innuendo in this slick piece of garbage vid. And so what about if Ivanka were obese and what Trump would say? We can go on for years imagining scenarios of all kinds if we want to convolute ourselves into a pretzel. Let’s leave it at what it is. To me he had to show the world that she was a loved and cared for daughter by a loving true upstanding dad so that all the males who would want to come on to her growing up KNEW through her dad’s UNSPOKEN behavior that they had to be REAL and TREAT HER RIGHT to date her or they would have to ANSWER TO HIM. THAT IS THE BEST THING A DAD CAN DO IN THIS WORLD FOR A DAUGHTER. —
  • ·         And lots more on this video that is about broadcast public interactions of a happy, loving family made into an obviously perverted documentary by a dirty and perverted mind working for the Democrats
Democrats are much smarter than Republicans and would not abandon Hillary Clinton or treat her coldly the way the big Republicans abandoned Trump and treated him coldly. Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan “Stronger Together” is very true of the Democratic Party and so in spite of very huge misgivings about her character from the start, they have been strongly behind her and this, in the real sense, means being behind their party and their party’s political interests. The Republicans are, on the other hand, busy showcasing their holiness by way of dissociating themselves from a lewd talk sinner whose sin happened more than a decade ago. Holy indeed! One wonders whether forgiveness has stopped being a virtue and ability to forgive an important mark of holiness.
Mark of holiness the present Republican way has been epitomized in the most ridiculous behavior of Ohio’sGovernor John Kasich. He voted for someone that is not running for President – Senator John McCain of Arizona who is actually running for Senate in his home state and not in Ohio. He did this to follow through his vow not to vote for Donald Trump. This comment in that article in puts his behavior in perspective: Kasich ran unsuccessfully for this year’s Republican nomination and made clear his concerns about Trump’s rhetoric. He did not set foot inside Quicken Loans Arena during the GOP convention in Cleveland, despite being governor of the host state. He long hinted he would not be voting for Trump, even though he was among a crop of other GOP hopefuls who initially pledged to back the eventual nominee.His action was said to be symbolic. It seems to be more symbolic of hate and sulk than of anything beneficial, to America or to the Republican Party. Comments following the news are instructive. Two of them (and more) reflect what I also think:
  • ·         Rev2moj: Way to let your own EGO get in the way, governor! The primary election was the time for principles…You said you cared about your daughters & their future. Hillary wants your daughter’s to be able to kill their babies through even greater abortion “rights”…up to the moment, just before birth! This election isn’t about you, and it is certainly NOT about John McCain… It’s about stopping Clinton’s EVIL, DECEPTION and LAWLESSNESS.But what do you know; you simply think that you are principled.


  • ·         madskater: Very very disappointed in Governor Kasich.  What he did is essentially cast a vote for Hillary Clinton.  This is about stopping the devastating effects of the left gaining more control of this fine country.  The left thinks bigger government is the answer to all the nation’s problems.  Big government is the cause of the decline of this nation.  Kasich has cast a vote in favor of big government.  He has failed to live up to his pledge to support the nominee of the Republican party.  He has allowed his “feelings” about Trump to be more important than the survival of this country as it was intended to exist according to the Founders


  • ·         John Kasich’s fellow holy man, the House Speaker Paul Ryan, made a better judgment when he said he would vote for Trump, for the collective Republican ticket, although he was not going to campaign for Trump. Now he has fully come to his senses and is now campaigning with Trump, rightly arguing. At CNN.comhe wrote: “Take a look at what a unified Republican government can get you. And then vote Republican — Donald Trump, our Senate candidates, and our House candidates — so we can start turning things around. If Republicans do not turn out — if we sit this one out — we will open the door not just to Hillary Clinton, but also a Democratic Congress eager to give her a blank check.” Whether this turn-around is rather late is the question.


The question, also, is whether these holier Republicans can respond to that challenge at John 8: 7 by throwing the first stone. It will be a shame on them whichever way the election goes: if Trump wins in spite of their negative influence, or if Clinton wins and they see how they had shot themselves on the foot with those negative reactions at the time they had the chance to offer their distinguished service to secure a Republican government. What is true is that no matter what anyone thinks about Donald Trump he is the kind of character that can face the strongly united devious Democratic Party with such massive structures on the ground.

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